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Affiliate Partners

The Breathe Thai affiliate program welcomes all types of affiliates to our network, whether your completely new to affiliate marketing or an experienced multi-channel marketer, we can help you to start earning commission with our product range.

We have a dedicated team that can help walkthrough the setup and creation of your affiliate marketing campaign which can have you up running in less than 5 minutes.

Apart from personal, one-on-one assistance, our program also offers the following benefits:

  • Earn commission for up to 90 days after you refer customers to visit our site
  • Request ‘plain’, non-recognisable, affiliate links to help with SEO and customer confidence
  • Create a dedicated dashboard and reporting system to show you exactly how many visits you’ve referred and how many sales have been made
  • Request bespoke creative and editorial which can be delivered quickly by our dedicated content team
  • Receive help and recommendations on placement and promotion based on some of our best performing sales tactics
10% Commission

Most people ordering with Breathe Thai order 2 or more masks, this means you would earn a commission of nearly 200 baht per order!

30 Day Cookie

When you send a visitor to the Breathe Thai site we track any purchases made for the next 90 days and award commissions on these sales

Join Now

It’s quick, easy and free to join our affiliate partnership program.

To get up and running all you have to do is complete our quick registration form which is given below.

Tell us a little information about yourself and how you intend to promote our products and once you’ve been approved to the program we’ll send you the information you need to begin promoting without delay!

Advertise Now

You can start promoting us as soon as you have been approved to the program.

Log in and pick up your affiliate links which will enable all of your visitors to be tracked from the moment they visit our site until they complete a purchase. Even if the visitor doesn’t purchase on the same day, you’ll still be award commission for this customer up to 90 days later.

(Remember, if you are new to affiliate marketing and need help on how to get set up, please don’t hesitate to one of our dedicated staff for assistance).

Earn Commission Now

You can earn a generous commission of 10% on each of the orders made by your visitors who purchase with us.

Some of our best performing affiliate delivery over 100 sales per month which equates to over ฿ 10,000 per month in commissions!

Ready to Join?
Affiliate Program Application Form

Once your application is submitted we will endeavour to contact you within 24 hours to explain if you have been accepted onto the affiliate program.


If you have questions about our affiliate program you can also ask us via our contact us page.